Opay USSD Code in 2024 for Transfer – Checking Balance & More

Why not check out the official opay USSD code in 2024 for transfer or the code for checking opay balance, buying airtime, using mtn, airtel, 9mobile, glo and More

Opay, a revolutionary fintech company in Nigeria, has significantly enhanced the convenience of financial transactions with its USSD code *955#. This code fundamentally transforms the way users manage their finances, offering an array of services including money transfers, airtime/data purchases, and bill payments. Significantly, the USSD code operates seamlessly without the necessity of an internet connection, hence, broadening its accessibility.

Moreover, the USSD code is remarkably accessible across major Nigerian networks, albeit with a notable exception – it is currently not supported on Glo. Nevertheless, users on networks such as MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile can effortlessly utilize this service.

Network Compatibility of Opay USSD Code

Network Compatibility with Opay USSD Code
Airtel Yes
9mobile Yes
Glo No

Benefits of Opay USSD Code

Significantly, the opay USSD code offers unparalleled benefits. Firstly, it provides unmatched convenience, allowing users to execute transactions swiftly from anywhere. Additionally, it offers enhanced security, negating the need to share sensitive information during transactions. Furthermore, its inclusive design caters to both smartphone and feature phone users, bridging technological disparities.

Benefit Description
Convenience Perform transactions from anywhere, anytime.
Security Secure transactions with a personal PIN.
Accessibility Suitable for both smartphones and feature phones.


The Versatility of Opay USSD Code

Equally important, the opay USSD code’s versatility is noteworthy. Users can easily transfer funds to both Opay and other bank accounts, purchase airtime and data for themselves and others, and even pay bills. These features collectively enhance the user experience, making financial management a seamless task.

User Registration Process

Additionally, the registration process for the opay USSD code is straightforward. New users must download the Opay app, provide essential details, and set a secure transaction PIN. This process not only ensures user security but also primes the account for immediate USSD access.

Registration Steps for Opay USSD Code

Step Description
Download App Install Opay app from Playstore or App Store
Account Setup Enter personal details and set a transaction PIN
Activation USSD service becomes active post-registration

Ensuring Smooth Activation

Moreover, for existing Opay users, accessing the USSD service is instant post-account setup. This ready-to-use feature significantly enhances user experience, making financial management more agile and responsive to individual needs.

Opay USSD Code

Efficient Money Transfers with Opay USSD Code

Simplifying Transfers with Opay

Opay has redefined financial convenience with its USSD code, making money transfers a breeze. Whether you’re transferring to an Opay account or a different bank, the process is straightforward and efficient.

How to Transfer to Opay Accounts

To transfer money to an Opay account, simply dial 9551*, followed by the amount and the recipient’s Opay phone number. This process is not only swift but also secure, ensuring that your transactions are carried out with utmost safety.

Action USSD Code Format
Dial Code *955#
Select “Transfer” option
Enter Amount and Recipient’s Opay Phone Number
Confirm With Opay PIN

Transferring to Other Bank Accounts

Additionally, transferring funds to other bank accounts is equally streamlined. By dialing 9552*, and inputting the amount and the recipient’s bank account number, the opay USSD code ensures your money reaches its destination promptly.

Action USSD Code Format
Dial Code *955#
Select “Transfer to Other Bank” option
Enter Amount and Recipient’s Bank Account Number
Confirm With Opay PIN

Purchasing Airtime and Data with Ease

Moreover, the USSD code extends its utility to the purchase of airtime and data. For airtime, dial 9553*, followed by the amount, and for others, add the recipient’s phone number. This feature caters to both personal and gifting needs seamlessly.

Airtime Purchase Steps

Action USSD Code Format
Dial Code *955#
Select “Airtime Purchase” option
Enter Amount (and Phone Number for others)
Confirm With Opay PIN

Simplified Data Purchase Process

Likewise, buying data is just as effortless. By dialing 9554* and the phone number, users can easily top up their data balance, ensuring constant connectivity.

Data Purchase Steps

Action USSD Code Format
Dial Code *955#
Select “Data Purchase” option
Enter Phone Number
Confirm With Opay PIN

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