25 Sweet Things To Say To Your Wife

sweet messages to send to your wife

Having warmth affection towards your wife to make her fall in love with you more and to remind her, she is the reason you are happy. “I LOVE YOU” is three magical words that binds two lovers together and saying “I DO” seal their bond forever.

Try sending these sweet things to your wife and you will see that those words will turn magical on your wife you have always loved. Text to your wife these sweet messages we have compiled. Sometimes to show our love for each other through our actions but may have failed to express them in words. Try these sweet words out.

All your wife wants is your true and sincere love, she does not desire expensive things to be loved alone. She needs these messages below;

  1. You are that woman who changed my imperfection into perfection by the touch of your sweet love. I love you my dearest wife!
  2. I would love to give up everything in life for you. You don’t know how happy I am that you came into my life. I’m so lucky no one got you before I did, love you my better half
  3. You made me to be a better man, you are an adorable goddess I have ever known, thank you for making me a complete man, husband and father.sweet love messages for your wife
  4. I’m blessed to have an amazing woman, our kids are happy to have such an excellent role model.
  5. I’m very lucky to have you as my wife. I wouldn’t have asked much in life again since you are in my life. You made my life a complete one.
  6. Those days I feel troubled, I just think of nothing else again but your love to ease my soul, your love is a relief.  Sweetheart!
  7. I rather spend one lifetime with you than to stay all ages without you in this world my love, I love you dearest wife.
  8. You have been a blessing in my life since I met you; making you my wife was the best gift I have received so far from God. Thank you for accepting to be with me forever, love you dearest wife.
  9. The first day I saw you, I wanted to be with you forever and today, I am so glad and lucky to call you my wife, sweetheart!
  10. I have never in my life wanted another person the way I want you, you are so special to me, dearest wife, love you.
  11. I have looked out there, there is no one like you, I love you just the way you are. Sweetheart
  12. You are irreplaceable, I like being around you always, I could not help it out, you are my life.
  13. You make me feel special, you are my heart beats, the iron in my shield, my sweet loving wife, I love you my perfect match.
  14. You are my fulfilled wish, I wish there are many people out there like you, I’m glad to have you as my life partner, we are perfect together, sweetheart!         read:https://juliemariosblog.com/30-text-messages-to-express-love/
  15. I must admit, the only right thing I have done in my life is to love you, my darling wife.
  16. I promise to love you more and more each day with every beat of my heart, even until the day I die, I will continue to love you hereafter love you, my super woman.
  17. No matter how hard the day has been, I know I’m going home to the most adorable woman in my life, I love you
  18. Every day with you has brightened my life, how is it that, day by day, you continuously improve upon perfection. Love you my dear wife.  sweet messages to your wife
  19. No woman will ever be like you, you are a perfect life partner for me, I couldn’t have asked for more because I have the best gift. I love you my darling wife.
  20. The day we became one body and soul was the happiest time of my life, I hope your love for me will never fade, I love you sweet.
  21. My dear wife, how do I put thousands of my feelings into a few sentence, you are more than everything in this world to me.
  22. Without you dear wife, I am nothing, you are my lifeline, my joy, my happiness, the reason behind my success as a man, you are the best Gift every man would ever desire to have in life, I love you sweetheart.
  23. You changed my world since ever you came into my life, you are my sunshine that lights me up in the dark, I love you my beloved treasure.
  24. All my life is filed with the wonders of your love, thanks for being that special woman in my life, you are my inspiration! I love you dearest wife.
  25. I always remember the day we got married and I feel that same joy each day in my heart, sincerely I do not know what I would have become without you, I’m lucky you are part of me, my beautiful wife.




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