40 Sweet Good Night Messages For Your Girlfriend

sweet messages

   Sending sweet good night messages every night to your girlfriend makes her feel relaxed, knowing how much you care about her and know that her man is the last person she spoke with for the day is her true love.

   Long distance relationship needs everyday communication. Send romantic good night messages for girlfriend who is a far from you makes your relationship refreshed and filled with more romantic memories to make her fall asleep fast, dreaming of you.

Here are sweet good night messages for your girlfriend

o I’m your cool breeze in the night that gives you a good sleep and sweet dreams. Good night love.

o I always think about you each night before going to bed, good night my dear, I love you.

o You are the one who lightens up my nights like the moon, my cut baby girl. Good night.

o I’m destined to be with you forever, I miss you, have a sweet sleep with beautiful dreams, good night love.

o The only thing I remember at night is you and our lovely moments together, good night baby.

o Even when I’m feeling very tired and sleepy at nights, I still can’t close my eyes if I don’t text to you my sweet love, you are always my happiness, I love you, good night.

sweet messages

o Looking up to the sky, I see thousands of stars shining at night, but looking at your lovely face, you shine brighter. Have a nice sleep with lots of sweet dreams. Good night love.

o Sending this message to you is to remind you how you are so important in my life and to fill your dreams with love. Good night honey.

o Cuddling with you all night long would be perfect, I love you. Good night love.

o I send to you a sweet good night kiss, have a lovely dreams my queen.

o Every night, my heart is filled by thought of how much I love you and they keep me awake, what can I do without you, good night my princess

o I will love you till infinity, good night and have a sweet dream my princess.

o Without seeing your face makes my night full of nightmares. Good night dear.

o To the only girl that shines brighter like the stars, I love you, good night babe.

o To the only girl that always make my dreams so beautiful that I don’t wish to wake up. Good night, I love you.

o I want to be the one to make all your nightmares varnish with this sweet and lovely text. Good night, sweet dreams love.

o In the night, you are my moon. Every night, you light my path and make helps to me move forward. Good night love.

o I know you cannot sleep without receiving a text from me. I love you my queen, do have a lovely dreams.

o You will always be close in my heart. Good night sweet.

o May your tomorrows bring more happiness to you, good night

o Every night before going to bed, my night ends up being full of night mares without hearing your sweet voice. Good night babe.

o My heart beats for you, I cannot sleep without wishing you a sweet good night, I love you.

o I will always be there for you, to protect you from any harm, good night and sweet dreams.

o I will choose you all over again in my life, even in the next life, will still choose you, you are my life, I love you, good night sweet.


o As the stars shine, so do you shine brighter, I love you. Good night dear

o I hope you have a pleasant night rest, sending over endless love for you, I love you. Good night girlfriend.

o Thinking about you every night makes me feel so lucky to have you. Good night babe, I love you.

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o My princess, I’m sending you lots of kisses and more just to show you how much I love you, I miss you. Wish you a sweet dream.

o You may think that I don’t care and think about you, well, you’re wrong. You are always in my dreams. Sweet dreams girlfriend.

o Nothing will make me happier than seeing you fall asleep in my arms and I hope you have a sweet dream. Good night love.

o Words cannot express how much I love you, but I’m sending them with lots of love and kisses. Good night, wish you a sweet dream.

o I hope you think about our lovely moments as much as I do. Always keep in mind that you are my one and only love. Good night girlfriend.

o Good night to the most beautiful woman on earth. Sleep well my love.

o Closing my eyes at night seems impossible because I spent all day longing to see you, hug you and kiss your sweet lips. Good night love.

o Your smiles shines brighter than the stars and the moon joined together. I love you princess, good night.

o I’m so lucky I met such a sweet girl like you; your love is what keeps me going. Good night girlfriend.

o Not every moon is able to be loved but I’m happy to be among the few to be loved. Thank you for loving me this much. Good night girlfriend.

o In every difficulty in life, I will be there always for you. I love you, Good night.

o I wish to be next beside you, to whisper into your ears how much I love you; instead I’m sending you sweet good night text for now. Good night babe.

o You are my motivation whenever I remember I have a good woman like you in my life. Wishing you lovely sweet dreams.

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