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anniversary wishes

Anniversary Wishes- Anniversaries always come once in a year with a box of lovely memories for you. It is a big occasion and happiest day for the couple to enjoy and celebrate their togetherness once in each year. Giving anniversary gifts is not enough, words can best express how romantic and caring you are too. Send these Anniversary wishes to them whether friendship anniversary, wedding anniversary etc. we have compiled a thoughtful great anniversary wishes to send to those celebrating and here you can find sweet anniversary wordings that you may find interesting to use.



Happy Anniversary wishes


You both have proven once again that true love is forever and only grows stronger. Congratulations both of you


I pray that the lord to continue to fill and strength the lovely bond between you two and with loads of happiness and laughter. Happy anniversary


The flame of love between you two grows tremendously full and still brighter than that of any newly wedded couple. Happy anniversary and many more years to enjoy together


Congratulations to you for showing us what means to stay in is love with the same person each day and every day, to love someone with lots of commitment and honesty.



Happy anniversary dearest and many more awesome years to celebrate together in your marriage


I’m happy to witness how the bond between you two grows stronger and stronger each year no matter how bad times are. May the beauty of your marriage continue to glow forever! Congratulations and happy anniversary


When the love between you two is true and pure, the bond becomes infinite, your days brighter and full of unending happiness. Happy anniversary!


What matters in marriage is the way you face all challenges life brings together. That’s pure love. Congratulations you both are heading to perfection


Happy Anniversary For a wife


Thanks for being my support all these years. You have been my source of joy and backbone

Happy anniversary to my true blessings from God, Love you wifely


For your unconditional love, commitment and respect for me, words cannot express how blessed I am to have you as a life partner. I would begin by telling you to thank you so much. You have made me feel special since ever I married you. Happy anniversary!


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I will always crave for your love more and more even if we grow old. My love stays with you forever and will never change. Happy anniversary love

A woman of substance is not easy to find. That’s why from the first I met you, I vowed never to let go of you for a moment in my life. Happy anniversary love


Since the day I married you, you made me feel like I have been living in heaven filled with the fragrance of thousand roses. Happy anniversary!



You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, the best achievement and the best gift ever in my life. I don’t wish anything else again as long as we stay together forever without a parting way. Happy anniversary!


My life was never perfect until I met you. Marrying you was the only best decision I have ever made and you are the best wife, best friend, companion, lover in this world. Happy anniversary!


Thank God I found a diamond like you. Happy anniversary my beloved wife!

I’m so lucky to have you as my wife, you are indeed a blessing. Happy anniversary my Angel


You made me complete and brought unending real happiness into my life. Thank you for accepting me. Happy anniversary


Thank you for standing by my side in full support and care. You are the best gift. Happy anniversary my wife


Thank you for staying with crazy me all these years. Through my ups and downs, you have always been my inspiration and support. I love you so much. Happy anniversary wife


You make me feel special the way no one can. Thank you for accepting imperfect me. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary dear wife


You have made my life so excellent. You are the sun that shines in my morning, the moon that lights my night. Forever I will love you. Happy anniversary wife


All my experiences with you so far are beautiful and I pray our love continues to grow and blossom. Happy anniversary sweetheart


I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for having had the chance to make you mine forever. Happy anniversary beautiful wife


On this special day, you became an essential part of me (mention how many years in marriage so far) ago. You have always shown me how pure love is and always being my backbone all these while. Thanking for giving me the best experience of marriage. Happy anniversary wife


Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband


I feel so blessed to have met and chosen such a loving and responsible man to be my life partner. Thank you for making my life so beautiful hubby, Happy Anniversary sweet!


You are the best and thank God I made the right choice. Happy anniversary honey


for husband


You have to be not just only my husband but also my biggest supporter and strength. Thank you so much for making me yours forever. Happy anniversary soul mate


On this very special day, I want you to know that you are my dream that came to reality. I have always craved for a man like you and finally, I have you. Thank you so much, honey. Happy anniversary


You are the reason of my unending happiness; you always treat me like a queen. Thank you for being a wonderful companion. Happy anniversary love


You are the best husband any woman can dream to have. You mean the whole world to me and I will do my possible best as a wife. Happy anniversary honey!


Words cannot really express how fortunate I am to have you and knowing you are mine forever. You are such an amazing husband. Thank you for everything. Happy anniversary hubby!


You are such a wonderful person for putting up with me all these years. I still remember how we joined our hearts to become one. It’s still fresh and just like yesterday. Happy anniversary sweet!


Honestly, you are the best every woman would want to have as a partner. You have been so wonderful, caring, doting, amazing, inspiring and best of all, tolerating me. Happy anniversary sweetheart


Today we wish for more candles on the cake and raising our glasses for taken the best decision to bond with me forever. Cheers! Happy anniversary hubby










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