How to Transfer Airtime on MTN to MTN for the First Time

Do you want to see how to transfer airtime on mtn to mtn for the first time? or you want to see how to share airtime without pin? if yes, then don’t miss the information we have here for you.

What is MTN Share?

MTN Share, formerly known as Share ‘N’ Sell, is a service that embodies the ethos of sharing and connectivity. This feature allows MTN subscribers to easily share airtime, whether it’s for a family member in need or a friend in a pinch.

Who Can Use It?

User Type Eligibility for MTN Share
Prepaid Eligible
Postpaid Eligible

Both prepaid and postpaid customers are eligible to use MTN Share. This inclusivity ensures that whether you’re on a controlled budget with a prepaid plan or enjoy the postpaid billing cycle, MTN’s airtime sharing service is available at your fingertips.

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How to Transfer Airtime on MTN using Pin

Before you can make transfer using your mobile phone, you need to understand that you need a pin. this pin, is what you’ll use to validate your transfer.

The Importance of a Secure PIN

Security is paramount when it comes to financial transactions, even those as seemingly simple as transferring airtime. MTN Share is safeguarded with a PIN system to prevent unauthorized transfers, making it crucial to change the default PIN to something only you know.

Changing Your MTN Share PIN: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start with the Default PIN: Your MTN Share service is initially secured with a default PIN, which is 0000.
  2. Initiate the Change: To change your PIN, send an SMS in the following format: Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN to 321.
  3. Confirmation: You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful change of your PIN.
Step Action Example
1 Start with default PIN 0000
2 Send SMS to change PIN SMS 0000 1234 1234 to 321
3 Await confirmation message Confirmation SMS

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN to MTN for the First Time

Transfer Limits and Rules

In the realm of airtime transfer on MTN, being aware of the limits and rules is crucial. This knowledge not only empowers users but also ensures smooth transactions.

Understanding Transfer Limits

MTN has set clear boundaries to maintain the integrity and security of transactions:

Transfer Type Limit (Naira)
Per Transaction N50 to N5,000
Daily Total Up to N100,000

The limits range from a minimum of N50 to a maximum of N5,000 per transaction. This range caters to various needs, from small tokens of airtime to more substantial shares. Additionally, there’s a cap of N100,000 on the total amount you can transfer in a day, balancing generosity with prudent financial control.

Rules of the Transfer Game

Rule Description
Currency Format Only Naira, no Kobo
Transaction Type Only whole amounts, no fractional

MTN maintains a Naira-only policy for airtime transfers. This means transactions must be in whole Naira amounts; Kobo, the fractional currency, is not supported. This simplifies the process, ensuring clarity and ease of use.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN Using USSD

The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) method is a popular and efficient way to transfer airtime on MTN. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t require an internet connection. kidly note that just as you can use ussd code to transfer mtn data plan to another user, you can as well use it to send/share airtime.

The USSD Transfer Process

  1. Initiating the Transfer: Dial *321# on your MTN line.
  2. Following the Prompts: The USSD menu will guide you through the transfer process.
Step Action
1 Dial *321#
2 Follow the prompts to complete the transaction


FAQs on How to Transfer Airtime on MTN in 2024

Take a look at some of the questions some MTN users asked us previously, we have taken our time to give answers to each of the questions one after the other.

How do I transfer airtime on MTN?

  1. Using USSD: Dial *321# and follow the prompts.
  2. MTN App: Use the MTN app to send airtime.
  3. SMS: Send an SMS in the format ‘Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, PIN’ to 777.
Method Steps
Using USSD Dial *321# and follow the prompts.
MTN App Use the MTN app to send airtime.
SMS Send SMS in format ‘Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, PIN’ to 777.

What are the limits for transferring airtime?

Transfer Type Limit
Per Transaction N50 – N5,000
Daily Total Up to N100,000

How to transfer airtime on MTN to Non-MTN users?

No, MTN Share only allows for airtime transfer between their users.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can transfer?

The minimum amount per transaction is N50, and the maximum is N5,000.

How do I change my MTN Share PIN?

Send an SMS in the format ‘Default PIN New PIN New PIN’ to 321.

Can postpaid customers use MTN Share?

Yes, both prepaid and postpaid customers can use MTN Share.

What happens if I transfer airtime to the wrong number?

Unfortunately, airtime transfers are irreversible. Always double-check the recipient’s number before confirming the transaction. If you must implement the steps you have learnt on how to transfer airtime on mtn, then ensure you cross check the number before hitting the send button.

How many times can I transfer airtime in a day?

Now that you have seen how to transfer airtime on mtn today, it is time you understand how many times you can actually make a transfer a day. You can transfer airtime as many times as you want, provided the total amount does not exceed N100,000.

Can I transfer airtime to myself?

Yes, you can transfer airtime to another MTN number you own, using the same transfer process.

If you have question about how to transfer airtime on mtn to mtn for the first time today, kindly leave a comment below now okay.

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