Importance Of Civic Education To National Development

The citizens of every country want their country to develop for them to live well. They want those in government to make good use of public money to provide resources for their welfare and security. These resources include good schools, good roads, hospitals, clean drinking water, electricity, security, and so on.

For example, for Nigeria to grow and develop, we need civic education. Because through civic education:

1. Citizens know what the government should do for them.

2. Citizens know what their rights are.

3. Citizens know their responsibilities to the society.

4. Citizens are able to make democracy work in the society.

5. Citizens know what to do when their rights are not protected.

Importance Of Civic Education To National Development

National development is achieved when all parts of a society grow bigger, stronger and better. This is possible because of civic eductaion. Civic education is important to national development in the following ways:

1. It helps the citizens to understand their government and how it works.

2. It enables citizens to understand democracy as the best form of government.

3. It enables citizens to know the institutions of government such as the legislature, executive and judiciary; and their responsibilities in the society.

4. It helps to educate citizens on the many roles they should play as teachers, lawyers, farmers, doctors, engineers, wives, husbands, children, students, etc.

5. It enables citizens to participate in politics through voting at elections.

6. It enables citizens to take part in social and economic activities.

7. People get civic skills that enable them function and live well in the society.

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