Paying Her Bride Price Does Not Mean You are Ready For Marriage

Marriage is divinely instituted and should be treated as one. The type of problems we have in different marriages today is an indication that many who rush into marriage do not fully understand what marriage is.

Paying a bride price shows that automatically one becomes a wife but many who do this think that bride price is the be-all and end-all. Marriage is like a school of its own, One needs to learn the pros and the cons before jumping into it.

it is not an overnight something. it is an institution by which we jump to do what others are doing because we see them doing that. Some guys think the fact that they can pay bride price means they are ready for marriage, which is a big lie.

Because you possess a house, car and job is not a certainty that you are ready to marry. Marriage is beyond all these.

Marriage is an institution one needs the grace of God to enter. You don’t go into a marriage based on how much you have in your bank account or the house and cars you ride. Your marriage is supposed to be a union that heals your spouse and not the one that inflicts more pains or sends them to their past.

It supposed to be the arms that mend and not the one that damages. The fact that you can pay for something does not mean you can afford it. Affording comes with maintenance and responsibilities.

A friend of mine bought Mercedes 4matic but when the engine had a problem, he dumped the car because he could not maintain it.

One can pay for a bride price but yet cannot truly love the woman he paid bride price for. You have a big and nice house, can you and your wife live in that house in peace and harmony and continue to love each other until the end of time?.

It is not about having the latest or most expensive car, it’s about riding happily and laughing together as you journey.

Marriage is not about making a woman pregnant, it goes beyond that. Marriage entails the co-understanding between the husband and the wife, it brings tolerance into play and grows with understanding which comes to interplay in the mutuality that exists between the couple, it reaches far to being an exemplar to the family and to the children, which begins by first respecting the woman, loving her with your heart cherishing, caring and appreciating her.

The young women should also come to understand that marriage is not all about external appearance but what you can offer to the family.

It involves the positive things one can bring into the family, marriage is not about how beautiful you are or how you are in bed, it is not just bringing hip to the table or able to satisfy him well or producing children, but how you talk to your man, respect him, make him feel like a king, how you turn that house into a palace for him, how you praise and honour him.

Forget about status, you will always be under your husband.

The most handsome crown a man wants to wear is the woman who respects him, who makes time to pray for him, who knows how to talk to him, who encourages him and who is faithful to him. The most beautiful clothes that can dress up a wife are the arms of the husband she loves, which makes her feel like a queen.

Arms to which she is the sole proprietor. Men respect the woman that so much respects him. Women also love respect and care. It is good to protect the woman.

They are like an egg to be carried with care. So before one pays bride price for marriage, he has to be prepared for the institution, he is going into. marriage should be respected and treated as sacrosanct.

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