If You Are Reading This Article, Your Life Is About To Change Financially

Why Are You Saying There Is No Job, When Internet Businesses Are Creating Over 1000 millionaires per year in Nigeria. In this article, I will teach you how i make more than $1000 from the internet every month in Nigeria, and how you can make yours.

How I Make More Than N600,000 Naira ($1000) From the Internet Every Month in Nigeria (Working from home)

Who am I?

My name is Victor Chidera (a.k.a Job Finder) and I am the owner of

. Today I want to show you what I do to make more than N600,000 (Six hundred thousand naira) every month from that website and others which I own. I will also tell you more about making money online in Nigeria and show you how you can get into online business without any capital. This is my secret business and this is what I have silently been doing for a living together with my partner Confidence for the past 3 years. I also teach people how to do online business and many people know me. I work ONLY three hours every day from Monday to Saturday and I don’t do anything else because I don’t need to since I work from home and get such good returns from running my own websites.

This is not forex or online investment or network marketing. You don’t need paypal or clickbank or any of those things. In fact, you don’t need any capital to get started apart from buying data for your phone or system.

Basically what I do is build websites that generate money, and some of the websites were developed for free. I also sell e-books online and run an internet based training course where I teach people how to do online business (I will talk more about the course later on in this article).

Is this Online Business of a Thing Real? Do People Actually Make Legal Money Online in Nigeria?

Yes online business is very real and very many people make lots of very legal money everyday from the Internet right here in Nigeria. Even more than those yahoo yahoo guys. I used to also think that it wasn’t possible but the day I cashed my first money, I realised that it was truly real.

See what I made in May last year from one of the online businesses called AdSense:

I have been into online business full time for about 3 years now and I have also taught many people how to do it through my online course. I know that it is something that anybody can learn because some of my students have become millionaires by applying the knowledge gained from the training materials. In fact, below is a very touching testimony from one of my students. You can can scroll down this article to read more true testimonies.

True Story from Someone Who Went Through My Training

Things were very rough for us after I took in for our second baby. My husband lost his job and I had no job. We were just managing with the little money he saved, dreading the day when we will run out of money. Around that time, I came across your e-book package and with the last money I had, I paid and started going to my friend’s cafe to read and practice with the e-books that you sent. At the onset it looked tough and somehow technical but your words of encouragement whenever I called got me going. Today my husband and I are fully into online business. We have 14 websites and have made more than a million naira before my son was born. You came into my life and turned everything around for the better. May God continue to bless you and your family as you have blessed others with your gift“ Mrs Bose Alade-Oni, Housewife, Ilorin

A Big Secret

What I’m about to reveal to you in this article is a highly guarded secret which only a few people know in Nigeria and which they are exploiting and using to silently make millions of naira every year. In fact, i have been warned on one of my seminars by some guys from Lagos who are also into online business because they were very furious that I was leaking these secrets to other people. I have been warned to stop teaching people but I have a strong desire to help the youths of this great country so I don’t mind even if I’m risking my life and website by writing this article.

Did you know that websites like careers nigeria, bella naija, naija hot jobs, nairaland etc are all into this business and people like Dr. Ojeagbase (owner of Complete Sports newspaper), Akin Alabi and many others are making hundreds of thousands and millions of naira every month, completely part time from this same online business. Right here in this Nigeria wey me and you dey so.

The Internet is truly a wonderful place and only those that are smart enough to seize today the opportunities that abound at this early stage will be at the top and raking in the millions by the time other people find out this secret.

Not difficult to learn and do

Online business is easy to do. You do not need any special skills, qualifications or connections. Anybody with determination to succeed can do the same things that I am doing right now and start making as much as 1 am currently making or even more. What you should always have at the back of your mind is that before you can make money online, you must first learn how to do it by going through a recognised training program or online course. After learning, you must then prepare to work hard and keep working as you wait for the fruits to manifest. The beginning part is usually the toughest but as soon as you start getting your returns, the workload and time demanded by the business will reduce greatly over time. You can decide today to change the course of your life by learning and starting your own online businesses and I am here to show you exactly what I did that I am now making over Six hundred thousand naira EVERY MONTH.

You Can Start Without Spending Any Money

The best thing is that you can also start this online business and start making money without spending a kobo. It’s true! You can register for a website, design it, build it and register with all the required companies and pay absolutely nothing. Zero naira. The only cost you will incur is the cost of browsing for a few hours every week.

What does this mean?

It means that you can start making money today without spending any money as initial capital investment unlike in most other businesses. This means that there is no risk at all on your part. You can even start the journey today, right now. Think of all the things you can do with a salary of N600,000 every month. You will have no more financial worries and you will be able to buy whatever you like and live comfortably. In fact you will be making more money than most of these so called bankers. Think about it. No more endless application letters, running and suffering over their dirty aptitude tests and begging employers. No more anxiety and worries when you start your own website business today.

Who Can do the Business?

From what I have seen so far, I can assure you that this wonderful business is especially good If you are a student, fresh graduate, youth corper, OND or HND, job seekers, housewives or even pregnant and nursing mothers. It is also very good for people who have been looking for a better paying job and who want to invest their time to build a highly profitable business that brings a steady stream of income every month part time with just few hours of work per week. I have also noticed that it is also very good and will be profitable for people who are already working or already retired but want to make an extra income on the side. If you are desperate for money, online business is not for you because it will take some weeks before you get anywhere especially if you are a total beginner.

Why am I telling you my secret?

Ever since I started running Juliemariosblog and partnering with Latest Nigerian Jobs, I have been shocked at the thousands and thousands of people out there in Nigeria who are either jobless or working where they are grossly underpaid. Young hardworking graduates and youths wasting away and suffering in a country where there are no jobs. I felt moved because it reminded me of my own frustrated condition few years ago before I discovered online business.

About Me

Before i continue, let me tell you my brief story. I’m a graduate of Abia Polytechnic with a 3.1 in office management and business administration. I have spent several years searching for a good job but all to no avail. I have tried forex, betting, paid survey, mlm, affiliate marketing, just name it but none of them worked.

How my life changed

Then one day I attended an online business seminar where we were taught how to make money from starting a free website. At that seminar I met real people who were actually making thousands and millions of naira every month from their own websites. This was their occupation. They did nothing else. They showed us how to do it and it was that seminar that changed my life and encouraged me to start

in 2018/2019. I still maintained this website at the same time because all it took to update and manage the site was just about two or three hours every day.

N88,800 naira in just one week!

For the first month of the first year, I made very little from all my hard work on the site and almost gave up many times but I was motivated by the people I saw at the seminar. I imagined that one day I will be like them and that thought kept me going. The Good Lord was also very Faithful to me and gave me the strength to persevere. As the months of the first year went by, my website grew steadily and my earnings started increasing. Very soon I was getting three times as much as I imagined. I built some new websites and my earnings continued to soar month after month and by the Grace of God, today I can say that I have finally become like the people I saw at that seminar. I am now making hundreds of thousands of naira every month from the Internet.

This is something that seemed like an impossible dream just less than a 3 years ago.

In fact can you imagine that in a week I now make more than 6 figure income! Just by working for about 3 hours every day from the comfort of my room. Isn’t it shocking? Believe it or not but that’s not the end. The most wonderful thing is that my earnings have been growing steadily every month and will keep increasing as the months go by so imagine what I would be making in some years time.

To prove to you that this thing is real, please see the screenshot in the image below which show how much I made in the last 7 days alone ($148.69 dollars, approximately 88,800 naira). Also notice Today’s estimated earnings as of then ($10.04 dollar) which is what I had made as at 6 am in the morning on the day I took this photograph in 2018.

What I made in just one week from one of the online businesses I do

My Office

Just a table, books, laptop and my smartphones. Another wonderful thing is that you do not even need to own your own computer or internet connection to start off. You can conveniently do it with your smartphone.

The biggest Secret (better than yahoo-yahoo)

Not many people in Nigeria know about the true secret of online business yet. In fact, the few that know this secret are making hundreds of thousands of naira every month and never bother themselves applying for the jobs that are so scarce. Instead of applying for jobs, they are making money from people like you who are busy searching for jobs every day. This is the secret of popular Nigerian job websites like Careers Nigeria, Naija Hot Jobs, Ngcareers, Jobberman, Nairaland etc. Some of these people even make up to N10,000,000 (more than $16,000) and above every month, just from three hours work every day.

How long does it take to start making reasonable money?

Success in this business depends to a large extent on how dedicated and serious you are with it. There are two main types of internet business: the ones that can generate you cash within a few days or weeks (e.g information marketing and AdSense) and the ones that take some time to build before you can start making up to 500,000 naira or more (like 1 to 3 months).

The catch is that most of the internet businesses that can get you instant cash require you to invest a little amount in online advertising to speed things up. While the types that don’t require any investment usually take some months to grow (1 to 3 months) before you can expect returns in the range of N500,000 to N2,000,000 (depending on how serious you are).

How I Make My Money

Although there are very many different ways of making money online, my experience has shown me that there are only few kinds that can be done in Nigeria 100% legally with little or no startup capital and little risk. Of these few ones, the best and most profitable are four in number. These are the ones that I am currently doing which bring in most of the money my company makes and if you ever want to be able to make N600,000 consistently month after month with little work then these are the ones you should also get into. They are:

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing And KDP (Referring people to the world’s largest online store. You get commissions when people buy products through your link). And also publishing latest trends for profits.

2. Google AdSense (You make money when people click on advertisement links placed on your website when you register with Google).

3. Information Marketing (Selling of e- books and digital products created by you or created by other people).

4. Developing Domain Ideas I started developing domain ideas on November 2021. I sold DoraKingsHotel domain to DoraKings Hotel for N374,000. Since then, i have gotten lot partners and my earnings are increasing month by month.

I started with Google AdSense back in 2018 and after few months of serious struggles and challenges, I was making about $1,000 dollars on average every month. This year 2022, I wrote my first e-book which detailed how I was making money with AdSense. In about six months I had made almost N2 Million naira selling that e-book online. This success prompted me to found a company, write more e-books and buy the selling rights of others. I now have 7 different e-books which I am now selling as an information marketer and through our websites, my company now sells an average total of 100 copies of these e-books every month, giving us roughly N150,000 to N250,000 naira monthly. This is in addition to the regular $1000 from AdSense (which is slowly increasing every month).

In January 2022, I learnt about Amazon KDP. I realized that many people fail at it because they do not know the best techniques to use for this sort of online business. Based on my experience with the other three businesses, I experimented with various techniques and I was able to develop a particular method that worked wonders. Since that time, I have built a total of 2 websites which I use as websites for my Amazon books advertisement, although it took us nearly 9 months before we got our first Amazon payment, right now I make an average total of $4,000+ just last month October. Check this Screenshot of last month october from my Amazon dashboard.

Due to lack of space, I cannot go into detail about how to set up each of the businesses above because it’s not just a simple step by step process. There are so many things you need to learn and understand first before you can do any of the businesses above and hope to make as much as I am making.

How I Receive the Money

Not all online businesses are ideal for people living in Nigeria because most of them are managed by foreign companies some of whom do not like doing business with Nigerians. This is one of the reasons why I stick with just the four businesses listed above because it is easy to receive the money from them right here in Nigeria. For Google AdSense i get paid directly to a special type of bank account known as a domiciliary account. A domiciliary account can be opened in most banks in Nigeria. You DO NOT need to open a domiciliary account before you can start online business. It is only when you are ready to get paid that you will need one. It is not difficult to get one. You can go to any bank and ask them about domiciliary accounts. I use FirstBank. In my online course, I also explain how you can go about obtaining a domiciliary account so don’t worry.

For the information marketing, people pay directly into my normal bank account and I am able to withdraw the money instantly. You can use a normal savings account or a current account or a company account it doesn’t matter. When people pay into my account, they send me a text with the details. when I confirm the payment, I send them a link to the e-books that they paid for. For the domain idea developing business, i receive money directly to my bank account or to my domiciliary account. Then for the Amazon KDP, i got paid into my Payoneer Account.

How to Learn Online Business

During the few years that it took me to learn online business and become successful in it, the one major problem that greatly hindered me was that I did not know the exact knowledge, information and skills that I needed to learn and master for me to be able to make real money online. Unfortunately, this is the exact same challenge that newcomers into the business still face today. The problem is not the availability of sources, the real problem is that there are too many sources, most of which are either completely wrong or do not present the complete picture of how to do the business.

About My E-Tutor Course (60-Ebooks-in-1)

While learning, I read more than 100 books and watched many videos, many of which were just crap. At the end of the day, I was able to compile about 60 of the best ebooks that cover everything about online business from A to Z. My desire to show job seekers and fellow Nigerians how to do this business inspired me to put together a package called “Make Money Within Few Weeks” comprised of these 60 ebooks together with a few of my own. It is an advanced level package equivalent to doing a master’s degree and I have so far successfully created 18 confirmed millionaires through the course. The goal of this package is to make it easy for as many Nigerians as possible to learn how to do online business so that they can be freed from the shackles of financial challenges. For me, the way I learned was by reading e-books and going through online seminars. I have read hundreds of e-books and have even written some of my own.

Getting Help – My Secret Coaching Forum

One of the unique features of my Internet Training School is the availability of online forums where students can get assistance, help and support both from my partner and I and from other more experienced students and graduates. This is what separates my course from the rest. When you register for the course, you get free access to a secret underground online mentoring forum (WhatsApp Group) where you can ask any questions you have while reading the course. In this forum, you will be able to get help and answers directly from me and from other more experienced students of mine, many of who are undergoing or have undergone this course. Unlike most gurus who sell their courses to you and leave you to your own fate, we are actively involved in coaching, helping, assisting and mentoring our students to ensure that they properly understand what they are learning. No wonder we have been so successful with so many inspiring testimonies every month.

My Bonanza: N700 instead of N20,000 for the first 10 People this Month (6 Slots Left)

I normally charge N20,000 for this package of 60 e-books and my training but I recently got a big corporate sponsor who agreed to subsidize 10 packages every month so right now instead of N20,000, we are now taking N700 for the first 10 people that pay before the end of this week. Of these subsidized packages, only 6 are now left. When we have gotten all the 10 people we need this month, we will take the price back to N20,000 till next month so if you are interested in learning online business from me, right now will be the best time to buy and register for my training while there are still bonanza spaces available at the reduced price of N700.

What you Will Learn From My Course And Training:

1. How to do the four Online Business that I am doing (Step by Step guide).

2. How you can start making N600,000 monthly from Online Business.

3. The 7 branches of online business

4. How to start earning at least $100 to $700 in few weeks from information marketing and Amazon.

5. VPN that will earn you more than $1000 on your website.

6. How To Develop A Domain Idea That Will Earn You More Than $200 Weekly.

7. How To Start Making Money Online In Less Than 2 Weeks Without Spending Any Dime.

Learn Everything in 3 or 5 days and start making money within few weeks after completing the course!

No matter who you are, as long as you can browse by yourself you can do it. You don’t need to know anything about website design or computer or any of those difficult stuff. All you need to do is read the course and go through my trainings and follow the simple instructions and guidelines that they contain and you will start making N600,000 naira within a short while, just like that. If it worked for me it will also work for you.

Simple to understand

My training and course “Make Money Within Few Weeks” is very detailed and simple to understand with a lot of diagrams showing you step by step how you can setup the four online businesses that I am doing and then start to make money from your website just like I am doing. It gives you the detailed step by step instructions with plenty of examples from start to finish.

This online Masters course covers the A to Z of Online Business. All the hidden secrets of Making Money Online and web design are locked inside these e-books.

Learn How to Make N225,000 Every Month From the Internet Part time From Home

Testimonies From People Who Bought it and Pass Through My Trainings:

“After nearly a year of following your teachings, I am happy to say that so far I have made more than N100,000 profit from Information marketing and $531 from Amazon and adsense. My goal for this year is to hit the 500 thousand naira mark. Kudos to you guys for pulling me out of poverty “ – Fejiro Oghenero, Undergraduate, Warri

“Last year when my 20 yr old son started getting payments, I thought he had gone into yahoo yahoo but when he explained everything to me and told me about your course I was convinced to buy my own package and started learning with my son. Today I have four courses which I am selling online and fetching me more money than my textile business which I am now planning to stop“ – Madam Nkem Nwachukwu a.k.a Online Business Mama, Trader, Awka

“As a banker I don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I was only able to read your e-books during my leave. Now, almost a year later, I have been able to create a second stream of income from your tutorials. In a few years, I hope to resign from the bank and face online business full time“ – Alice Babalola, Banker, Oshogbo

“The comprehensive, analytical, and step-by-step coaching makes it feel as if I am in a classroom facing a lecturer. Your e-books package is a really cheap offer for anybody who wants to develop an extra source of income, no matter what your current profession. I am a teacher and your training has given me an extra means to support my husband and family, and as well has made me a web-designer which is a profession on its own. Registering for your training has helped me kill two birds with one stone. I will buy every e-book you ever release“ – Mrs Osamudiamen Osayande, Teacher, Abuja

How To Participate In This Business

One of the best ways to join this business is to pass through my mentorship class where you will get assistance, help and support both from my partner and I and from other more experienced students and graduates.

NOTE: I only accept 10 students per month, so that I will be able to have an organized class on WhatsApp. I Don’t Like Crowd.

Our Next Training is starting on 18th November to 20th November 2022 (Friday To Sunday). I Will Stop Accepting Students For The Next Training When I Get 10 Students For NOVEMBER MENTORSHIP CLASS.

No Matter Who You Are, as long as you can browse with your phone, you are capable of doing this business. You will learn everything on my course within 3 days and start making money instantly

How To Join My Class And Get The Course

Our Next WhatsApp Group Training Is Coming Up On 18th to 20th of November (Friday To Sunday). The Training Fee Is Not Much. Just N700. Wow, i know you are suprised that i just charged N700? Well, i would have teach you for free, but you may not take it serious. This Information Is Worth More Than It. I know that you are 100% happy because the price is cheap. So hurry now and be among the 10 persons to grab this opportunity.

How To Make Payment For My Mentorship Class

Go to Any First bank, Or Through POS or Make Transfer of N700 To This Account:

Bank Name: FirstBank
Account Name: Ambassador Victor Chidera
Account Number: 3103971376

Once you make payment of N700, send your Name, Email and WhatsApp Number To 09045789292. You will be added to our WhatsApp Training Group, As Soon As Your Payment Is Confirmed.

We Will Be Glad To Receive Your Own Testimony Before 2/3 Weeks After The Training.