Ten Things You Must Avoid to keep a Healthy Relationship

Life is full of principles. To keep a balanced life we have to follow the principles guiding every nook and crannies of the way we live. Just like in every other facet of human life, there are some certain principles we need to maintain if we are so serious in maintaining a healthy relationship.

When we talk of relationship; it concerns mainly those living in marriage and those who are already at the threshold of it.

1. Avoid too much perfection.

One of the things we have forgotten much is that the fleshy nature that is bounding human existence is characterized by faults, mistakes and weaknesses.

There is no one without a weakness, even you, who is seeking for perfection is not perfect. In every relationship always bear this in mind. Do not make the mistake to always make the other life the way you do.

Avoid forcing perfection unto the other, take it gradually but work towards perfection. Identify his or her weaknesses, make it known to him/her and find a way to correct them. That we are weak and full of faults is not a ticket to continue making mistakes too.

The relationship is a journey towards perfection, in which the partners try as much they can to understand each other as days go by.

2. Avoid Comparison

It is said that many today spend their time comparing their relationship with others especially in terms of the material gains and possessions.

We live in a world where people get easily distracted by how others are doing well and we are not doing well. Obinna is now riding a car, Emeka is building a house while we are not. Comparing your marriage with others sometimes puts you into an emotional crisis.

This type of attitude can accidentally ruin your marriage.  Always know that every relationship is different because those who are in them are different. Learn to appreciate the little you people have and be focused on your relationship. If your partner does not have today, he or she may have tomorrow.

3. Avoid I too Know Mentality

This is seriously one of the factors killing many relationships today. Relationship demands respect, humility, acceptance of your mistakes and understanding. In every relationship sometimes you have to let go of certain things to keep a healthy relationship.

No one loves a nagging husband or wife. Always reason together and plan things together. Do not treat the woman as trash and do not treat your man as if he is a dullard. It is a relationship, so things should work relatively and not in isolation.

4. Avoid Extremes in Going for Details

When I say this, I mean, not to always give the other his or her freedom. Relationships thrive with trust and not in trying to find out every detail about the other partner if you do not trust your partner, going into such a relationship will always experience a crisis, because you will always find issues to complain, you will always find something to talk about.

Suspecting every move your partner is making whether he or she is innocent or not, is suicidal. With this type of attitude, your mind will never be at rest, because you will always suspect your partner to be going overboard or cheating on you.

Then putting yourself into emotional distress. But this is not a ticket to infidelity. In as much as partners try to be free and not live like a slave, faithfulness in a relationship is not something one can toil with.

5. Avoid Lies

Lying is like a coronavirus in every relationship. No relationship built on lies will ever last. Always be true to your partner whether good or bad. Be open to each other and forgive each other, if eventually, one makes a mistake. If your partner eventually finds out that you are living a pretentious life, it will be so much suicidal.

6. Avoid Pretentious Life

One thing we have to understand is that most of the ways we live our lives are already part of us. Sometimes I can say they are inbuilt, no matter how you hide them, one day, they will show themselves.

It is better that you let your partner know your strengths and weaknesses on time so that you allow him or her to conclude whether he or she can go with you or not.

Pretence kills especially when that character that was hidden for years eventually rears its head.

7. Quit Concentrating on the Negative Aspect of your Partner

That time we use to think about the things your partner is not doing well, use them to appreciate the ones he or she is doing well. When we allow negativity to be in control, we are eventually leading the way to crash.

it might not be so easy but find the time and concentrate on the positive qualities of your partner than on the flaws. You will begin to have a new dimension about your relationship.

Appreciate the small things he does for you, No one likes to be unappreciated.

8. Avoid Constant Criticism

One thing that keeps a relationship lively is gratitude. Always appreciate your partner. If the man or woman dresses fine or does something for you, learn to appreciate, praise and make him or her happy. Particularly women love to be pampered and appreciated.

Tell her how beautiful she is. If she is not in the way you want, do not criticize her outrightly nor try to insult her, find a mild way to correct. Relationship means supporting and accepting your partner for who they are without judgement. When you try to belittle your partner, it sometimes results in hurt and resentment.

9. Avoid Public Correction

The easiest thing that can make your partner so bitter is when you try to correct him or her in the public. Everybody loves respect. The woman wants to be treated like a queen, the man wants to be given accolades and be treated like a king.

If you want to correct him or her, please avoid public eyes,  it is not in front of friends or and not in any form of public embarrassment. Public correction is nothing but embarrassment which is a great sign of disrespect.

10. Avoid Postponing the Apology

Sometimes when partners get wrong with each other, they quarrel for three to four weeks. No hurt should escape one hour, Always be the first to make things right if you truly love Her or Him, it is good you swallow your pride to make things right.

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