Airtel Data Plan Code 2024 – Get Cheap 200 for 1gb

Do you know you can get cheap airtel data plan codes starting from 200 for 1gb to subscribe for daily, weekly, and monthly bundles? yes, you can. If you don’t want to miss the 2024 data plan codes, then ensure you don’t skip this information, if you do, you might miss the important tips.

Airtel stands tall as one of Nigeria’s most prominent telecommunications service providers. Remarkably, their array of data plans caters to a wide range of needs, making Airtel a top choice for many.

How to Purchase Airtel Data Plan

Firstly, if you’re new to Airtel, buying a data plan is straightforward. Simply, follow these steps to stay connected with Airtel’s reliable internet service. Furthermore, Airtel offers a variety of data packages, from daily, to unlimited bundles, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Overview of Airtel Data Plan code Categories

Moreover, Airtel’s data offerings are diverse. Ranging from daily to mega plans, each category is designed to meet specific user needs. Additionally, the flexibility of these plans makes Airtel a versatile choice for internet users in Nigeria.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Airtel Data Plan

Find out how to sub daily, weekly and monthly data plan right away. we will start from the daily play, then move to the weekly plan, before wrapping it all up with the monthly plan.

Daily Plans

Particularly, Airtel’s daily plans are known for their affordability. For instance, you can get 1 GB for just N300. Also, these plans are perfect for short-term internet needs.

Plan Data Validity Activation Code
N50 40MB 1 Day *312*50#
N100 100MB 1 Day *312*100#
N200 200MB 3 Days *312*200#
N300 1GB 1 Day *312*354#
N500 2GB 2 Days *312*504#

Weekly Plans

Conversely, Airtel’s weekly plans offer more data over a longer period. For example, the 6 GB weekly plan for N1,500 is excellent for heavier internet usage.

Plan Data Validity Activation Code
N300 350MB 7 Days *312*300#
N500 1GB + 1GB YouTube Night + 100MB Spotify + 105MB Tik Tok + 105MB Airtel TV 7 Days *312*502#
N1500 6GB 7 Days *312*1504#

Monthly Plans

Similarly, Airtel’s monthly plans provide even more data. These plans are ideal for users who require a steady internet connection throughout the month. Kindly check out the monthly plan that covers both day, and airtel night plan code today.

Price Data Allowance Validity Days USSD CODE
N1,000 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*1000#
N1,200 2GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*1200#
N1,500 3GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*1500#
N2,000 4.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*2000#
N2,500 6GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*2500#
N3,000 10GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*3000#
N4,000 11GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV 30 Days *312*4000#

Airtel Data Plan Code

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Special Airtel Data Plan Code and Offers

In addition, Airtel also has unique plans like streaming and social plans. These specialized plans cater to specific online activities, showcasing Airtel’s commitment to providing tailored internet solutions.

Streaming Plans

Especially relevant for movie and music enthusiasts, these plans are tailored for uninterrupted streaming experiences.

Price Data Allowance Validity (days) USSD Codes
N100 500MB 3 days *312*106#
N2,000 7GB 30 days *312*2001#
N3,000 15GB 30 days *312*3001#
N5,000 30GB 30 days *312*5001#

Social Plans

Likewise, Airtel’s social plans focus on social media usage, offering dedicated data for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Price (Naira) Plan Validity USSD CODE Description
N25 20MB 1 Day *948*4# Access to WhatsApp messaging for one day.
N50 40MB 1 Day *991*4# One-day access to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
N100 200MB 5 Days *688*3# Five days of general data usage.
N300 700MB 25 Days *688*1# Twenty-five days of general data usage.

Airtel Data+

Moreover, the Airtel Data+ plan is a unique offering that combines data with voice calls, reflecting Airtel’s innovative approach to meeting customer needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Airtel offers a wide range of data plans, from daily to mega plans.
  • The plans are tailored to meet different internet usage needs.
  • Special plans like streaming and social plans cater to specific online activities.

Secret to use ₦200 for 1GB Airtel Data Plan

To subscribe to the Airtel 1GB data plan for N200, kindly follow the steps listed below okay.

  1. Dial *141#. If you’re interested in this offer
  2. Select option 1.
  3. For the Airtel N200/1GB/7 days plan, respond with 2.
  4. To proceed with using your airtime, press 1, or press 2 to use data only for browsing.”

Types of Data Plans you get with Airtel

Airtel’s data plans are broadly classified into two types: prepaid and postpaid. Prepaid plans are ideal for those who wish to control their data usage and expenses, while postpaid plans suit those with high data usage who prefer the convenience of regular billing​​.

How to Choose the Right Airtel Data Plan

Selecting the best data plan on airtel can seem daunting, but it’s simpler than it appears. Consider your data usage habits, budget, and the plan duration to find the best fit. Airtel offers tools like the Airtel Thanks app and their website to help you make an informed decision​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Available Airtel Data Plan Bundles?

Airtel’s range of data plan bundles includes daily, weekly, monthly plans, and special plans for social media and YouTube​​.

How Do I Subscribe to a Data Plan Bundle?

Subscribing to a data plan is straightforward. Dial the appropriate subscription code on your Airtel line or use the Airtel Thanks app​​.

How Do I Check My Data Balance?

To check your Airtel data balance, dial *140# on your Airtel line, use the Airtel Thanks app, or send an SMS with the text “STATUS” to 141​​.

Can I Roll Over Unused Data on My Data Plan Bundle?

Yes, Airtel allows the rollover of unused data as long as you renew your subscription before it expires​​.

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