How to Share Data on MTN 2024 – 7 New Tricks

Do you want to see how to share data on MTN in 2024 today? if yes, then don’t miss this easy to implement guide to transfer data fast. We have made date sharing so simple, you will see how to share and gift your friends and family data instantly.

In today’s connected world, sharing data on MTN has become an indispensable feature. For MTN users, it’s a lifeline that keeps them connected when they need it most. This guide dives into the various methods available for sharing data on MTN, providing clear, step-by-step instructions and vital tips.

How to Share Data on MTN

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How to share data on mtn Using USSD Code

Firstly, the USSD code method is quick and user-friendly. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Step Action
1 Dial the *312# USSD code for data sharing.
2 Follow on-screen instructions.
3 Enter the recipient’s MTN number.
4 Confirm the data transfer.

How to Share Data via SMS Text Message

Secondly, sharing data via SMS is another viable option, especially when you don’t have access to the internet. The steps are as follows:

Step Action
1 Compose an SMS with the data sharing command.
2 Include the recipient’s number and data amount.
3 Send to the designated MTN number.

How to Share Data Using MyMTN Mobile App

Lastly, the MyMTN mobile app offers a comprehensive platform for data sharing. It’s particularly useful for users who prefer a more visual interface:

Step Action
1 Open the MyMTN app and log in.
2 Go to the data sharing section.
3 Select data amount and enter recipient’s number.
4 Confirm the transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Share your data

Take out time and checkout all the latest steps to share data to your friends and family now.

Detailed Guide on How to Use USSD Code

The USSD code method is straightforward and convenient. Follow these steps to use it:

Guide on How to Share Data via SMS Text Message

For SMS sharing, the process is simple yet effective. Here are the detailed steps:

Guide on How to Use MyMTN App for Data Sharing

Using the MyMTN app is a modern and efficient way to share data. The steps involved are:

Tips and Precautions on how to Share Data using MTN

  • To ensure a successful data transfer:
  • Double-check the recipient’s number.
  • Confirm your data balance is sufficient.
  • Be mindful of MTN’s daily sharing limits.

Common Issues in Data Sharing on MTN

In the event of a failed data transfer:

  • First, check your balance and the recipient’s details.
  • If problems persist, contacting MTN support is recommended.

Understanding Data Gifting vs Data Sharing on MTN

  • Data Gifting: Involves buying data for another user.
  • Data Sharing: Entails sharing your existing data balance.

Requesting Data from Friends on MTN

  • To request data:
    • Use a USSD code or the MyMTN app.
    • Remember, there are restrictions set by MTN on data requests.

Setting Up Data Sharing for Multiple Users

Step Action
1 Log into MyMTN App or dial the USSD code.
2 Select the option to add multiple beneficiaries.
3 Enter the MTN numbers of the beneficiaries.
4 Confirm and set the data limit for each user.

Automating Data Sharing on a Regular Basis

Step Action
1 Access the data sharing settings in MyMTN App.
2 Choose the option for automated sharing.
3 Set the frequency and amount of data to share.
4 Save and activate the automated sharing.

FAQs on How to Share Data on MTN

Here are some common questions you might have about how to share your mtn date, we have answered all your concerns too.

How to Share Data on MTN with Non-MTN Users?

Unfortunately, MTN data sharing is limited to MTN users only. Sharing data with users on other networks is not currently supported.

How to Monitor Shared Data Usage on MTN?

You can monitor shared data usage through the MyMTN App. The app provides detailed insights into the data usage of each beneficiary.

How to Modify or Remove Beneficiaries in MTN Data Sharing?

Action Steps
Modify Select beneficiary > Adjust settings or limits
Remove Choose beneficiary > Opt for removal option

What Are the Data Limits for Sharing on MTN?

MTN sets certain limits on how much data you can share daily. These limits vary and are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the current limits through the MyMTN App or MTN customer service.


  • How to Share: Utilize USSD, SMS, or MyMTN App.
  • Adding Beneficiaries: Manage this through the app or USSD.
  • Monitoring Data Usage: Easily done through the MyMTN App.
  • Data Sharing Limits: Stay updated on the current limits set by MTN.

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