MTN Data Plan Code 2024 – Get 200 for 1GB Tariff

Are you looking for the cheapest mtn data plan code for 2024? if yes, then we have the tariff for 200 for 1gb, and the unlimited monthly plan just for you. Take out time to check all the information, if you snooze, you’ll miss big on the latest plans.

In today’s interconnected world, staying online is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. MTN, a leading telecommunications giant, understands this well. Offering a wide array of data plans, MTN caters to the diverse needs of its vast customer base.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who enjoys streaming content,  you need to understand that mtn data plan code if used well, will keep you connected. Importantly, these plans are designed with flexibility and affordability in mind, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every type of user.

Exploring MTN’s Data Plan Options

MTN’s data plans are as varied as they are reliable. Firstly, for those who need quick access to the internet without long-term commitments, the daily and weekly plans are ideal. These plans are not only affordable but also offer enough data for basic browsing and social media use.

Secondly, for more consistent users, the monthly plans provide a balance of generous data allocation and cost-effectiveness. These plans are particularly suited for regular internet users who engage in streaming, online gaming, and extensive browsing.

Additionally, MTN offers Pay-As-You-Go options, which are perfect for users who prefer a pay-for-what-you-use approach. This flexibility is a significant advantage for those who have varying data needs.

Hourly Data Plans

If you need data for some hours, then you can get it with mtn. All you need is the hourly data plan to start connecting with what matters most to you on the internet. Here’s the breakdown on the different hourly plan below

Data Amount Validity Recharge Code Price (₦)
2GB 1 Hour Text “126” to 312 200
5GB 1 Hour Text “127” to 312 500
10GB 1 Hour Text “128” to 312 1,000

Daily Data Plans

Data Amount Validity Recharge Code Price (₦)
40MB 24 Hours Text “114” to 312 50
100MB 24 Hours Text “104” to 312 100
1GB + 3 Mins 24 Hours Text “155” to 312 350
1.5GB 24 Hours Text “199” to 312 400
2.5GB 24 Hours Available on myMTN NG App 500

Weekly Data Plans

Data Amount Validity Recharge Code Price (₦)
350MB + 3 Mins 7 Days Text “102” to 312 350
600MB + 3 Mins 7 Days Text “103” to 312 500
750MB 7 Days Text “750” to 312 500
1GB + 5 Mins 14 Days Text “142” to 312 600
1.5GB + 10 Mins 7 Days Text “105” to 312 1,000
5GB 7 Days Text “143” to 312 1,500
7GB 7 Days Text “181” to 312 2,000

Monthly Data Plans (30 Days Validity)

Data Additional Benefits Recharge Code Price (₦)
1.2GB + 5MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 200MB for YouTube Music Text “106” to 312 1,000
1.5GB + 5MINS, + 3-Hour (600MB) YouTube weekly Text “130” to 312 1,200
3GB + 5MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 200MB for YouTube Music Text “131” to 312 1,600
4GB + 10MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 200MB for YouTube Music Text “110” to 312 2,000
8GB + 15MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 200MB for YouTube Music Text “147” to 312 3,000
10GB +20MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 300MB for YouTube Music Text “148” to 312 3,500
11GB + 20MINS Text “N/A” to 312 3,500
12GB + 25MINS, Free 2GB YouTube Night Text “N/A” to 312 4,000
13GB + 25MINS Text “N/A” to 312 4,000
20GB + 25MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube, Free 300MB for YouTube Music Text “116” to 312 5,500
25GB + 25MINS, Free 2GB for YouTube Text “153” to 312 6,500
27GB + 25MINS Text “N/A” to 312 6,500
40GB + 40MINS Text “117” to 312 11,000
75GB + 40MINS Text “150” to 312 16,000
120GB + 80MINS Text “149” to 312 22,000
200GB Text ‘111’ to 312 30,000

2-Month Data Plans (60 Days Validity)

Data Recharge Code Price (₦)
30GB Text “119” to 312 8,000
100GB Text “118” to 312 20,000
160GB Text “138” to 312 30,000

MTN Data Plan 200 for 1gb Subscription (7 Days Validity)

Action Instruction
Step 1 Dial *131*65#
Step 2 Select option 2 for the 1GB, 7-day plan

To subscribe to the MTN 1GB data plan for N200, which is valid for 7 days, you can follow these steps:

MTN 4G and 5G Data Plans

MTN is not just keeping up with technology; they are leading the charge with their 4G and emerging 5G networks. These advanced networks offer a transformative internet experience.

For instance, the 4G network provides significantly faster download and upload speeds, which is a game-changer for streaming high-definition videos and online gaming. Moreover, the anticipated 5G network promises even more groundbreaking improvements.

These include ultra-low latency, which will revolutionize activities like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. The benefits of these networks extend beyond entertainment; they are also crucial for businesses that rely on fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Special Offers and Bonuses on MTN Data Plans

MTN’s special offers and bonuses are a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. For instance, the 100% 4G Upgrade Bonus is a notable offer that doubles the data for users who upgrade to a 4G SIM.

This bonus is particularly beneficial for users who consume a lot of data, as it effectively halves the cost per MB. Additionally,

MTN periodically introduces other bonuses and promotions, adding extra value and making their plans even more attractive. These offers not only enhance the user experience but also demonstrate MTN’s dedication to providing exceptional value to its customers.

Tips for Managing Your MTN Data Usage

  • Monitor your daily data consumption.
  • Utilize data-saving modes in apps and browsers.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to save mobile data.

Tools and Apps for Data Monitoring:

  • MTN’s dedicated app for tracking data usage.
  • Third-party apps that provide detailed data consumption insights.

MTN Data Gifting and Sharing

  • Use the MTN app or USSD codes to easily share data.
  • Choose the amount of data and the recipient’s number to share. You can also understand how to share data on MTN today.

Benefits of Data Sharing and Gifting:

  • Keep friends and family connected.
  • Share your data allowance with others when they need it.

MTN Data Plan Code for Businesses and Heavy Users

Tailored Plans for Businesses and High Data Users:

  • Customized data packages to suit business needs.
  • Higher data limits and priority customer support.

Comparison with Regular Plans:

  • Business plans offer more data and additional services.
  • Ideal for organizations with high data consumption needs.

Troubleshooting Common MTN Data Issues

Common Data-Related Issues and Solutions:

  • Slow internet speeds: Check network coverage or restart your device.
  • Data depletion: Monitor apps that use excessive data.

Customer Support for Data Problems:

  • Contact MTN’s customer service for personalized assistance.
  • Utilize the self-help options in the MTN app for quick solutions

How Do I Subscribe to an MTN Data Plan?

Steps to Subscribe:

  1. Open the MTN app on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Data Plans’ section.
  3. Select the plan that suits your needs.
  4. Confirm the subscription and enjoy your data.

Can I Roll Over Unused MTN Data?

Data Rollover Policy:

  • Unused data from your plan can be rolled over.
  • Rollover is subject to certain conditions, like renewing the plan before expiry.

Are There Unlimited Data Plans Available with MTN?

MTN’s Data Plan Options:

  • Currently, MTN offers a range of capped data plans.
  • Unlimited data plans are not available at the moment.

How Can I Check My Data Balance on MTN?

Checking Data Balance:

  • Dial *131*4# to check your data balance via USSD.
  • Alternatively, use the MTN app for a detailed view of your data usage.

What Should I Do If I Experience Slow Internet Speeds?

Troubleshooting Slow Speeds:

  • Ensure you are in an area with good network coverage.
  • Restart your device or switch network settings (e.g., from 4G to 3G).

Can I Share My MTN Data with Others?

Data Sharing on MTN:

  • Yes, MTN allows you to share data with friends and family.
  • Use the MTN app or USSD codes to share your data.

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