9mobile Data Plan Code 2024 – Monthly, Weekly, and Daily

Do you want to see latest 9mobile data plan code for 2024? kindly check out the monthly, weekly, and daily subscription.

9mobile, earlier known as Etisalat, has been a significant player in Nigeria’s telecom industry. After it changed to 9mobile, the company quickly adapted to new challenges. Today, 9mobile is known for its innovative services and has a strong presence in Nigeria.

Overview of 9mobile’s Services and Popularity

Moreover, 9mobile is a major name in Nigeria’s telecom sector. Its 9mobile data plans are known for their flexibility and affordability, appealing to a wide range of customers. This popularity is because 9mobile consistently offers valuable and reliable data services.

This post aims to explore the various 9mobile data plans available. Whether you need data for a day, a week, or longer, 9mobile has a plan for you. We’ll guide you through their diverse data options, helping you find the perfect fit for your data needs.

Quick Look at 9mobile Data Plans

Plan Type Data Offer Validity Price (₦) USSD Code
Daily 25MB 1 Day 50 *2293*8#
Weekly 250MB 7 Days 200 *2292*10#
Monthly 1.5GB 30 Days 1,000 *2292*7#
Annual 365GB 365 Days 100,000 *2295*3#

Exploring 9mobile Daily Data Plans

Firstly, let’s dive into what 9mobile offers daily. These plans are perfect for quick internet needs. If you only need internet for a day, these 9mobile data plans are your go-to options.

9mobile caters to various needs with its daily plans:

  1. The 25MB Plan
    • Just N50 gets you 25MB.
    • This 9mobile data plan is ideal for quick online tasks.
  2. The 100MB Offer
    • Spend N100 for 100MB.
    • Good for a bit more browsing.
  3. 650MB for More Usage
    • 650MB is available for N200.
    • Great for streaming music or short videos.
  4. 1GB + Social Media Access
    • With N300, enjoy 1GB plus social media.
    • Perfect for avid social media users.
  5. 2GB + Social, Extended Usage
    • At N500, this plan gives 2GB, valid for 3 days.
    • Suitable for more intensive internet activities.

Subscribing to the Plans

9mobile data plan code subscribing is easy:

  1. For the 25MB plan, dial 2293*8#.
  2. To get 100MB, use 2293*1#.
  3. For 650MB, dial 2293*2#.
  4. 1GB + Social? Dial 2293*3#.
  5. For the 2GB + Social plan, it’s 2293*4#.

Quick Reference: 9mobile Daily Data Plans

Plan Type Data Offered Cost Validity How to Subscribe
25MB Plan 25MB N50 1 day 2293*8#
100MB Plan 100MB N100 1 day 2293*1#
650MB Plan 650MB N200 1 day 2293*2#
1GB + Social 1GB N300 1 day 2293*3#
2GB + Social 2GB N500 3 days 2293*4#


9mobile Weekly and Weekend Data Plans

Firstly, 9mobile weekly data plans offer the perfect balance between affordability and convenience. These 9mobile data plan codes are ideal for users who need more data than a daily plan can offer but don’t require a month-long commitment. Furthermore, these plans are budget-friendly, making them a great choice for students and professionals alike.

A Look at 9mobile’s Weekly Data Options

9mobile provides several weekly data plans, catering to different data needs:

  1. 250MB for N200:
    • Ideal for basic browsing and email checking.
    • To subscribe, dial 2292*10#.
  2. 1GB + Social for N500:
    • Perfect for more extensive internet use and social media.
    • Subscription code: 2292*1#.
  3. 7GB + Social for N1,500:
    • Best for heavy 9mobile data plan users and streaming enthusiasts.
    • Dial 2292*2# to subscribe.

Exploring 9mobile Weekend Plans

Additionally, 9mobile offers weekend plans for those who prefer to surf the net more during the weekends. These plans are designed to provide more data at lower costs, making weekends more enjoyable without worrying about data limits.

List of Weekend 9mobile data plan Plans

For weekend use, 9mobile has tailored specific plans:

  1. 1GB Night Plan (N200):
    • Suitable for night owls. Valid for one night only.
    • Dial 2293*11# for subscription.
  2. 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan (N1,000):
    • A good fit for evening surfers and weekend browsers.
    • Subscribe by dialing 2293*12#.
  3. 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan (N2,000):
    • For those who need ample data for the weekend.
    • Subscription code: 2293*13#.

Weekly Data Plans

Plan Type Data Amount Price (N) USSD Code
250MB 250MB 200 2292*10#
1GB + Social 1GB 500 2292*1#
7GB + Social 7GB 1500 2292*2#

Weekend Data Plans

Plan Type Data Amount Price (N) USSD Code
1GB Night 1GB 200 2293*11#
2GB Evening & Weekend 2GB 1000 2293*12#
5GB Evening & Weekend 5GB 2000 2293*13#

9mobile Weekly and Weekend Data Plans

Firstly, let’s consider the benefits of 9mobile weekly data plans. These 9mobile data plan are a sweet spot for users who need more than a day’s worth of data but less than a month. They offer a practical, cost-effective solution for moderate internet users. Moreover, they’re perfect for those with fluctuating data needs.

Exploring 9mobile’s Weekly Plans

9mobile has crafted several weekly plans:

  1. 250MB for N200:
    • Just right for basic internet use.
    • To subscribe, dial 2292*10#.
  2. 1GB + Social for N500:
    • A balance of data and social media access.
    • Subscribe with 2292*1#.
  3. 7GB + Social for N1,500:
    • For heavy users, including streaming.
    • Dial 2292*2# to get started.

Weekend Plans: Unwind with More Data

Additionally, 9mobile caters to weekend internet usage. Kindly note that this 9mobile data plan codes are designed for those who like to relax, stream, or browse more during weekends. They’re perfect for catching up on content or staying connected with friends and family.

A Glimpse at 9mobile Weekend Plans

For weekend warriors, 9mobile offers:

  1. 1GB Night Plan (N200):
    • Ideal for late-night browsing.
    • Activate with 2293*11#.
  2. 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan (N1,000):
    • Best for evening and weekend use.
    • Dial 2293*12# to subscribe.
  3. 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan (N2,000):
    • Ample data for the whole weekend.
    • Subscribe by dialing 2293*13#.

Weekly Data Plan Options

Plan Data Price (N) USSD Code
250MB Weekly 250MB 200 2292*10#
1GB + Social Weekly 1GB 500 2292*1#
7GB + Social Weekly 7GB 1,500 2292*2#

 9mobile data plan

Monthly, Bi-Annual, and Annual Data Plans from 9mobile

9mobile monthly data plans cater to users looking for consistent and reliable internet access throughout the month. These plans, ranging from 500MB to 75GB, are designed to meet various internet needs, whether for casual browsing, streaming, or intensive online activities. Notably, these monthly 9mobile data plans offer the ease of not worrying about frequent data renewals.

Comprehensive Monthly Plan Options

9mobile’s monthly plans include:

  1. 500MB for N500:
    • Perfect for light internet users.
    • Activation: 2292*12#.
  2. 1.5GB for N1,000:
    • This 9mobile data plan is Ideal for regular browsing and social media.
    • To subscribe: 2292*7#.
  3. 4.5GB for N2,000:
    • Suitable for streaming videos and music.
    • Dial: 2292*8# for activation.
  4. 11GB for N4,000:
    • This 9mobile data plan is tailored for heavy data users and downloaders.
    • Subscribe with: 2292*36#.
  5. 40GB for N10,000:
    • Best for extensive online work or entertainment.
    • Activation code: 2294*1#.

Long-Term Data Solutions: Bi-Annual and Annual Plans

Additionally, 9mobile offers bi-annual and annual data plans for users seeking long-term data solutions. These 9mobile data plans are particularly advantageous for businesses and individuals with high data consumption, offering substantial data volumes at cost-effective rates.

Details of Bi-Annual and Annual Plans

9mobile’s long-term plans include:

  1. 75GB for N25,000 (90 days):
    • Excellent for continuous, heavy usage.
    • To subscribe: 2295*1#.
  2. 165GB for N50,000 (180 days):
    • Designed for businesses and power users.
    • Activation: 2295*2#.
  3. 365GB for N100,000 (365 days):
    • Ultimate plan for uninterrupted, year-long access.
    • Subscribe with: 2295*3#.

Monthly Data Plan Options

Data Plan Volume Price (₦) USSD Code
500MB 500MB 500 2292*12#
1.5GB 1.5GB 1,000 2292*7#
4.5GB 4.5GB 2,000 2292*8#
11GB 11GB 4,000 2292*36#
40GB 40GB 10,000 2294*1#

Long-Term Data Plan Choices

Data Plan Volume Price (₦) USSD Code
75GB Bi-Annual 75GB 25,000 2295*1#
165GB Bi-Annual 165GB 50,000 2295*2#
365GB Annual 365GB 100,000 2295*3#

Special Offers and Data Festivals from 9mobile

9mobile data plan users have more reasons to smile with the Night and Weekend Specials. These plans are perfect for those who find themselves more active online during the night or weekends. Firstly, the 9mobile data plan for night users, caters to late-night surfers, offering substantial data at minimal costs. Additionally, the Weekend Plans are ideal for relaxing and catching up on entertainment, social media, or work.

Night Plan Options

  1. 1GB for N200:
    • Great for night browsing (12 am – 5 am).
    • Dial 2293*11# to subscribe.
  2. 2GB Evening & Weekend for N1,000:
    • Valid for evenings and weekends (7 pm – 7 am).
    • Subscription code: 2293*12#.
  3. 5GB Evening & Weekend for N2,000:
    • Suitable for heavy weekend internet usage.
    • Activate with 2293*13#.

9mobile Data Festival Offers

Moreover, 9mobile data plan users can enjoy special benefits during data festivals. These festivals are a unique opportunity for users to get more data for less. For instance, during these periods, 9mobile might offer additional data on existing plans or introduce new, limited-time plans with more data at lower prices.

Data Festival Specials:
  1. Bonus on Daily Plans:
    • Get extra data with daily plan subscriptions.
    • Ideal for users needing a quick data boost.
  2. Weekly Plan Bonuses:
    • Special offers on weekly data plans.
    • More data at the same affordable prices.
  3. Monthly Plan Upgrades:
    • Enhanced data volumes on monthly subscriptions.
    • Tailored for users needing more data throughout the month.

Night and Weekend Plans

Plan Type Data Volume Price (N) Validity USSD Code
1GB Night 1GB 200 Night 2293*11#
2GB Evening & Weekend 2GB 1,000 Evening & Weekend 2293*12#
5GB Evening & Weekend 5GB 2,000 Evening & Weekend 2293*13#

Data Festival Offers

Offer Type Description Benefit
Daily Plan Bonus Extra data on daily plans More data for short-term use
Weekly Plan Bonus Special offers on weekly plans More value for weekly users
Monthly Plan Upgrade Enhanced data on monthly plans Increased data for regular users

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